4 Simple Steps to Clean Aluminum Awnings

The choice of residential awnings varies from one homeowner to another. Some people choose awnings to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their homes, whereas others opt for awnings effective in resisting harsh weather conditions. Many homeowners prefer installing aluminum awnings to keep their homes energy efficient over a longer period of time. These awnings are also more effective in resisting harsh weather elements in comparison to fabric awnings. But the awnings can become a public eyesore, if these are not cleaned regularly. You can easily clean the awnings by using a solvent suitable for aluminum.

Process to Clean Aluminum Awnings

  1. Before cleaning the awning, you have to make a cleaning solution. Add water to a large bucket till it is filled. Then add the right amount of solvent according to the instruction mentioned on the solvent bottle label.
  2. Use a hose to wet the entire awning. Now, you can apply the cleaning solution by submerging a brush in the bucket. The brush will be used to scrub the awning thoroughly. After completing the scrubbing, the awning must be rinsed thoroughly. However, you must avoid using a cleaner to dry the awning. If you have installed multiple residential awnings, the same cleaning process needs to be followed for each of them.
  3. If the awning is installed at a higher spot, there are chances that you might have missed some areas. The hard to reach areas of the aluminum awnings needs to be scrubbed using a sponge, rag or hand-held brush. Set a ladder against the wall where the awning is installed, and scrub it using any of these equipment. But you must remember to rinse the awning well after scrubbing it thoroughly.
  4. Once the awning becomes dry, you have to remove the soap residues and oxidation from it from the wood or concrete. Often the oxidation leave residue on concrete, and also create stains on the wood. So the oxidation and soap residue must be removed from rinsed from the awning.

It is a good idea to clean the awnings for home at regular intervals to maintain their performance and aesthetic appeal. The regular cleaning will further help you in avoiding expensive repairs and maintenance in future.